QE Flexi-Bulk Service© offers a safe, low cost alternative for transporting non-hazardous bulk chemicals and edible foodstuffs. The flexitank alternative provides significant transportation cost-per-unit savings when compared to ISO Tank containers (15%) and drums (40%).† The flexitank is a light-weight, soft-sided polyethylene bladder capable of handling liquid volumes up to 24,000 liters within a standard 20 ft ISO dry box container.


The flexitank is typically single use, recycled or discarded. Itís ease of use and cost basis make the flexitank a truly cost-effective transportation and/or storage solution for most non-hazardous liquids (see compatible products).


QE Flexi-Bulk Service© provides for supplying and fitting and transporting the container and flexitank combination.† We can arrange for door-to-door service to any destination worldwide.