Doing Business With Mexico

The United States—Mexico Border

“The area lying 100 kilometers (62 miles) to the north and south of the 3,141 kilometer (1,952 mile) U.S.—Mexico boundary.”

-1983 Agreement for the Protection and Improvement of

the Environment in the Border Area (La Paz Agreement)




The Golden Triangle

80% of Mexico GNP and 70% of the country’s export activity is generated from an area in Mexico located between Monterrey, Guadalajara and Mexico City, informally referred to as The Golden Triangle. 70% of Mexico’s EAP (Economically Active Population) and labor force is concentrated here.

The movement of goods between the U.S. and Mexico is highly complex

· U.S. and Mexican regulations governing transportation differ in many respects

· Multiple parties are typically involved in the transport transaction

· Market conditions between the two countries vary over time, creating  capacity and demand imbalances

· Fluctuating currency exchange rate between the US Dollar and the Mexican Peso

· Import and Export Tariffs based on value and classification of goods are imposed

· Carrier selection is heavily influenced by Buyer and Seller needs



Qontinuity has the Experience

· Since 1990, Qontinuity has ...

· designed, implemented and directed transportation operations for three U.S. motor carriers—one of which now ranks among the largest U.S. trucking operations south of the border.

· re-engineered and  expanded the operations for two motor carriers, with existing presence in the Mexico market—increasing their market share and  profitability.

· assisted two major U.S. trucking companies with  Mexican motor carrier acquisitions .

· expertise  with both van and open-deck motor carriage.